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Let me Introduce Myself to You...
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My name is Rick Kraft and I am 61 years old.  I am running for President of the United States in the New Hampshire primary.

I am just an everyday citizen like you are.  

Thank you for taking time to learn about me and what I stand for.

If you believe in what I believe in, I ask you for your support when you vote in the primary on February 11th.      


If you differ in your beliefs, I still encourage you to get out and vote for another candidate who you find like minded.  

My father was born and raised in Connecticut.  I lived there for about four years as a child.  I have numerous relatives on my father's side who currently reside in New England.

I have lived in Roswell, New Mexico for 37 years.  I have extensive leadership experience and although I do not have any experience in running for political offices, I would do a good job as the leader of our country.      

Despite having all the flaws that come with being human,

I believe in myself.  I also believe our country was created so that anyone could seek election to a leadership role for any public office and throughout my lifetime I have repeatedly encouraged others to seek elected leadership positions from the community level on up. 

The leadership of our country has become too polarized and it seems we have lost touch with civility and with respect for one another.  We are one nation under God and we need to conduct the leadership of our nation accordingly.

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The journey I have traveled to get where I am today is available under the "Background" link above.

I have been a student and a teacher of leadership for over 40 years.  I have been placed in leadership roles numerous times and have repeatedly been successful in this capacity.

In my life my purpose is to make a difference in the lives of add value to those I interact with.  Those who have known me over the years can weigh in on this. 


Over the decades I have repeatedly shared publicly that good people should move into positions of influence so they can leverage their leadership position not for themselves, but for the benefit of others. My entering my name into the Presidential election is done for this purpose, to benefit those I would lead.  


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